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Creative Sparks Live Here

Chez Space is a coworking space located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Since its beginning we have delivered content and strategies inside the business, launched a CRM, and built an eCommerce platform for their users.

Social Media

We managed and delivered experiences throughout their social media content, both Facebook, Instagram & Google. We have collaborated together to create engaging media concepts while developing the identity of their social media networks.

A Unique Experience

We redesigned their website for a better UI/UX experience. We want their users to feel and live the experience of this new type of business in the Dominican Republic. In collaboration with VisaNet, we added an eCommerce platform where users can pay for their membership.

And We Made It!

Ads & Communication

We began without any communication design and we have developed and implemented one with our design team. From the website and going through all Chez Space communications, we have unified them with simple, eye-catching titles and not-so-big paragraphs, which still are clear enough to keep it cool and informative.

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