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Since 1962

Joyería Groba is a fine jewelry store located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Since 1962, they have sold accessories for both women and men. We have given them some amazing shootings and taken care of their social media platforms, with a refined feeling and model-based photos. We want to give an extra human touch to their products.

Social Media

We managed and delivered experiences throughout its social media content, both Facebook, Instagram & Google. Collaborated together to create engaging media concepts while at the same time, we developed the identity of its social media networks.

The Actual Shooting

We love photography and it takes a lot to accomplish clean and up-to-date photos to create curated and beautiful posts over Instagram. We wanted to refine the actual look of their feed by shooting all their items ourselves. We created a schedule to have plenty of photos in stock to publish and give a human touch by working with models.

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